It is a cloud service specializing in data retention related to ophthalmic medical care such as ophthalmic images and examination data.

By using it in combination with other solutions such as MS1 and Thorrel provided by MITAS Medical, it can be used in various fields.
Easy data upload
  • Data stored in Thorrel can be uploaded safely and easily for each patient at once.
  • It can also be used as a backup in case the smartphone breaks down or is lost.
  • The data uploaded to Hodzzy is automatically organized and displayed for each patient, achieving high listability.
Data sharing within the organization
  • You can create an organizational account for each medical institution or company and manage multiple accounts (for each staff, each store, each department, etc.) within the organization.
  • Centralized management of data uploaded from each account within the organization
  • Instantly share data within the same organization

Example of usage
  1. For consultation between ophthalmologists (case consultation such as difficult cases and postoperative course, utilization for education, etc.)
  2. For consultation with ophthalmologists based on captured eye images in areas where access to ophthalmologists is difficult, such as at home and facilities for the elderly

By using the smartphone-connected ophthalmic medical device MS1 and

Shooting app
Cloud service

in combination, anyone can take high-precision cancer images, and along with the taken eye image data, test data such as visual acuity and medical history. Information such as etc. can be easily and safely stored for each patient and shared when necessary.

The smartphone-mounted ophthalmic medical device "Mobile Slit Lamp MS1" is a product jointly developed by Takagi Seiko Co., Ltd. and MITAS Medical. Please see the details here.

Thorrel is a shooting app for MS1 only.

Data such as eye images taken with Thorrel can be saved within the app.
Eye shooting support
  • Display of guide lines indicating the appropriate shooting position
  • Prevents mistakes in shooting by switching the shooting screen for each of the left and right eyes and the light mode (slit, diffuse, blue filter)
Data management
  • In addition to shooting data, numerical data such as visual acuity and intraocular pressure can also be saved.
  • Achieves an easy-to-read design by displaying data in chronological order for each patient
  • Quick access to patient data required by the search function, such as when returning to the hospital

Example of usage
For storing data such as patient's eye images (especially in situations where it is difficult to use a stationary slit lamp, such as children, wheelchair users, and patients who have difficulty maintaining a sitting position).

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